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Getting Started

Access to RiskSurvey+ is subscription based


Click here to register a new account at or go to
Create a new account by clicking on ‘Register’ in the top menu.
Complete the registration page ensuring that you use a unique password.
You will receive an email to confirm your registration. You can click on the link in the email or
 copy and paste the registration code. Log back into your account at

Subscribe to RiskSurvey+
You can now subscribe to RiskSurvey+ by clicking on the ‘Product’ menu and click on the 'Subscribe’ link in the Survey+ row.
Complete the subscription form.

Upload your company logo. The logo size must be 600 pixels wide by 160 pixels high in white or
transparent background (if possible). Your logo will appear on the App and survey reports.


There are two ways to obtain licences.
Broker Licence - Annual Subscription of $500 plus tax per annum
This licence enables you to purchase one or many annual subscriptions for staff enabling them to complete unlimited surveys.

  • Nominate how many licences you require

  • Enter the user details including their email address and submit.

  • Unique licence codes will be emailed directly to nominated users. You can always add and revoke licences as required.

  • Our office will be notified of your subscription and will send you an invoice for payment. Your licences will be activated once the invoice has been paid.



Single Use Licence - $100 plus tax per survey - 14 day validity

This licence type allows you to issue single use licences direct to business owners or your
representatives to complete a nominated survey. This is very useful for remotely located

  • The user will receive an email with their unique licence code. The single use licence will be valid for 14 days from date of issue.

  • Users will complete the survey and email the report back to your office within 14 days of issue.

  • Purchase single use licences in bundles of 10.

  • Our office will be notified of your single use licence request and send you an invoice for payment. Your licences will be activated once the invoice has been paid.

App Installation and Setup

Download the App by clicking the link in the subscription invitation email on your iPad or via the App

store. Search for ‘risksurveyplus’.

Open the App and complete the Setup screen:

• Email

• Name

• Licence Code

• Tap on ‘Register’

App store link for risk survey plus

Please contact if you have any
assistance in registering or managing licences...

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