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Mobile Apps for insurance brokers and their clients.

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Building surveys - industry designed
Document risk uncertainty
Underwriter approved reporting
Cyber secure - data stored on device or iCloud
App and reports branded with your logo
Ability to add proprietory surveys
Includes a BI calculator
Multi-User subscription based
Instant Return
on Investment
Survey App
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Risk Surveys at your fingertips

A suite of comprehensive surveys that streamlines the interaction between Brokers and Underwriters

You're getting ready to visit a client. Client file, camera, phone, dictaphone, notepad and print survey forms - check! You get onsite and start discussing the risk with the insured - taking photos, making notes and completing the survey. You get back to the office and you start compiling a report for the underwriter - resizing photos to fit into your word document, then finally send the risk survey. That is a lot of work for you and your staff.


 RISKSURVEY+ is everything you need in one mobile App designed for iPad iOS.

  • Record client contact information

  • Complete survey forms

  • Take photos with GPS location as you complete the form

  • Make notes and even dictate notes

  • Generate a PDF report with photos

  • Send, Quote Returned - easy.

  • Backup and ready to duplicate for the next survey

RISKSURVEY+ will turn the task of risk surveys into a breeze and greatly reduce your administrative time.

 Your clients will be impressed by your efficiency. Underwriters will love your concise risk reports.

Immediate Return on Investment by minimising the need for external risk survey consultants.

Streamlining insurance brokerage services...

RiskSurvey+ can be customised to meet your business needs


We can launch a version of your own business specific survey forms to your App.


Personalise the App with your group logo and maintain your brand awareness.

Data Security

Data is stored on your device and iCloud preserving your data privacy and minimising risk.

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Glove box Buddy contents data for insurance
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PolicyM8 helps your clients record their assets and record claims...introducing Glove Box BuddyTM

Your Business App

GloveBox Buddy is a platform for your business to have its own branded mobile app that, for a small annual fee, can be distributed to clients. Click here to request more information and our pricing structure.

Record contents and policy information

Clients can record details of all their policies and store digital copies of critical documents such as policy documents. A record of all contents can be maintained including images of contents, purchase receipts and serial numbers. Reminders can be set to remind clients that policies are falling due.

Electronic claim forms
Google Play store link
Apple App Store link

Claim information can be recorded in the Claims Accident recorder which provides your client a tool to record important information at the time of accident including prompting what photos to take. PolicyM8's GloveBox BuddyTM also incorporates GPS tracking and with one click your client knows exactly where the accident took place. This tool will greatly enhance your claim processing efficiency.

Click Here to access the App registration page.

Insure App
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This is just the start...

Our Goal - Insured to Broker End-to-End Automation

Our goal at PolicyM8 is to develop end-to-end solutions for insurance brokers to better engage with their clients. Apps that will link the broker and client and:

  • collate information to better understand risk and select the most appropriate cover;

  • provide risk management and continuity plans to assist the insured;

  • ensure fast resolution at claim time; and

  • move broker services beyond just insurance to business coach.



What People are Saying

Our early adopters have made significant savings in their business process and professional service delivery.

“RiskSurvey+ has greatly improved my quoting process by replacing my notebook and camera when conducting initial site risk surveys”

“RiskSurvey+ is very easy to use and creates concise risk reports

“I was amazed how quickly I have recorded all my contents in the PolicyM8 app...easy ”

Douglas Coote
Insurance Professional

Matthew Foots

CEO Digital Edge Security

Craig Todd

Glove Box Buddy User

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